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Develop entrepreneurial capital and demonstrate efficacy, at both programme and participant levels

The core focus of youth entrepreneurship and enterprise initiatives is to develop ‘entrepreneurial capital’. This can be defined and measured in multiple ways, and connects very closely to the other two outcomes. This first outcome is interested in efficacy.

At the participant level, this means young people develop self-efficacy, which is their innate belief in themselves to succeed in entrepreneurial situations. At a programme level, efficacy indicates the initiative’s intent to develop entrepreneurial capital in ideal conditions (whereas the initiative’s effectiveness will be measured by what actually happens as a result).

Create pathways to participate in the economy

Quality youth entrepreneurship and enterprise initiatives create long-term economic benefit for young people and communities. 

These benefits start during the programme and endure. The measure of success is not as reductive as tallying the number of businesses launched. Instead, we recognise participants will develop entrepreneurial capital. 

The possible pathways to participate in the economy include:
Get a job or become even more employable, potentially as an ‘intrapreneur’; Start a business: either commercial, social enterprise and/or not-for-profit: Get involved in a community project; Study further and consider apprenticeships; Volunteer for a community organisation or local business to gain experience; Apply leadership skills within a team and/or at school; Anything else that adds measurable value to personal economy and/or local economy.

Respond to inequality with diversity and equity

The orientation of youth enterprise and entrepreneurship initiatives must be increasingly equitable. 

This commitment is informed by current data and evidence about the populations we are trying to serve. Therefore, programmes are reshaped to be responsive and inclusive of culture, ethnicity, gender and geography. 

Programmes actively enable more taiohi Māori and young women to participate, with a priority on provincial places in Aotearoa New Zealand. Programmes ask: who needs this most at this time?

Developing Effectiveness

There are actions we can take and processes we can follow as providers that ensure youth entrepreneurship programmes are on track to effectively develop entrepreneurial capability, create pathways to participate in the economy, and provide access to opportunities for all rangatahi.

The following resources can support planning, delivery and evaluation of youth entrepreneurship programmes in a range of contexts across the motu.


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